• Monkey Unicorn - 102 Medium Grey Unisex Fleece Pullover

Monkey Unicorn - 102 Medium Grey Unisex Fleece Pullover


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This special sweater is one of a series of unique appliqué pullovers. Each one uses a different combination of fabrics, so each sweater is truly a one of a kind. I silk-screen my weird drawing of this imaginary creature onto a colourful square of fabric, sew that onto a fun patterned fabric, and then sew that onto the sweater.

Printed on a MEDIUM Heather Grey Unisex Fleece Raglan Sweater. (12oz 100% Cotton California Fleece). A super soft, cozy sweater. The edges of the appliqués are left raw, and are of unknown fabric contents.

This is a Unisex fit sweatshirt, listed in Unisex sizes.

These sweaters do require special care. For best results, hand wash in cold water (or at least use a delicate cycle) and then hang to dry. Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER!! I don't know the fabric content of the appliqués, so it's possible that they'll shrink up drastically and be totally ruined. I use water-based inks for all my prints, which are great because they sink right into the fabric instead of sitting on the surface. So they won't crack or fade, but just get softer with each wash until you can't even feel them!

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